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Пример. Тема «Россия», 8 кл.

What is the name of the country you live in?

Do you know how big is it?

What is the population of Russia?

Name the biggest rivers in of European and Asia parts of the country?

Speak of the countries it borders with? Etc

Следующий этап- введение новой лексики по теме, а также новых реалий: The Supreme Soviet, the Supreme Court, Duma, the Council of Ministers и т.д. лексика закрепляется в ситуациях и диалогах, приближенных к теме: покупка билета из одного города в другой на вокзале, обсуждение лучшего места отдыха, беседа о выборах.

At the railway station

Clerk: Can I help you?

Customer: Yes, please. I need one ticket to Perm.

-Single or return?

-Single, please.

-You know that you must change a train in Ekaterinburg.

-Really? How much must I stay there between the trains?

-For two hours. The train to Perm will start at 20.40.

-Is there another train?

-I’m afraid not. There will be one to St. Petersburg, but it is fast. You’ll arrive at night.

- No, it isn’t convenient. Give me the tickets on the first one.

- OK 300 rubles, please

- Here there are

Holiday plans

Mother: So, to day we’ll have a family council and discuss our holiday plans

Father: It’s nothing to discuss. Let’s go to the country house. There is nothing better then fishing on fresh air. The scenery near our city is very beautiful.

Ann: Oh, no. I prefer travelling. Why not to have a trip somewhere, to see the capital of our country Moscow and our North capital St. Petersburg. The sightseeing are really wonderful!

Peter: Oh, What a crazy idea! Only sun, and beach at the seaside. What I want is just swimming in the sea and thinking of nothing.

Mother: We haven’t got enough money for it. I suggest to visit our friends in Volgograd. The city is very beautiful and interesting. It stands on the Volga. So you may go fishing and bathing as much as you can.

Father: Great!

После этого учащиеся обращаются к тексту

Russian Federation

The official name of our homeland is Russian Federation. There are 21 Republics and 68 regions in it. The first Russian President was Boris Eltsin, and at the moment the president of our country is V.V.Putin.

The Russian Constitution is the highest law of our country.

The Russian National Government

The president and his assistants

The Council of the Ministers with the Prime Minister

The Federal Assembly

(the Parliament)


The Federal Council

(the Upper House)


The State Duma

(the Lower House)


In 1917 after the Great Socialist Revolution our country stopped being a monarchy and became a republic. The capital of our Motherland is Moscow.

Russia is situated in Europe and Asia. It occupies about one- seventh part of dry land. It’s total area is over 17 million square km. It is the largest country in the world. It is washed by seas and oceans.

There are many mountains in it; the Altai and the Caucases among them. The biggest river are in Siberia and Far East. The are: the Lena, the Ob, the Enisey. In European part the longest river is the Volga.

The lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and it has the cleanest water, it is protected by the government.

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